2008 Glynn's Creek
Tuesday Night Men's League
Handicapping Guidelines

The Handicapping Guidelines for the Glynn's Creek Tuesday Night Men's League are similar to those used by the USGA to calculate handicaps. The only big difference is that league handicaps are based on 9 holes. Also, REMEMBER, a golf handicap is not based on a simple average of your scores. It is an attempt to determine how WELL you can play. Your handicap is determined by the lowest of your Handicap Differentials. The number of rounds used is based on how many league rounds you've played.

League Handicap Index Formula 

A League Handicap is a mark that represents the potential ability of a player on a course during league play. Potential ability is measured by a player's best scores, and is expressed as a number taken to one decimal place. The Glynn's Creek League Index Formula is based on the best handicap differentials in a player's league scoring record. The following procedure illustrates how the League Manager calculates a league player's Handicap Index:


Acceptable Scores

1 to 4 Lowest 1
5 or 6 Lowest 2
7 or 8 Lowest 3
9 or 10 Lowest 4
11 or 12 Lowest 5
13 or 14 Lowest 6
15 or 16 Lowest 7

A Handicap Differential is computed for the player's total 9-hole score for that week. To determine the player's handicap differential, subtract the player's weekly score from 35.2, and round to the nearest tenth. Each player's handicap is calculated each week during the season. The player then plays with that handicap the following week. The maximum handicap allowable for any player is 20. Handicap Indexes are current on the day of play for that week. 

League Player's Responsibilities

In order for the the league handicaps to be accurate, it is each player's responsibility to know the rules, including local rules, which govern play. In addition, any infractions of rules must be dealt with at the time of the infraction. The League Manager cannot make a determination of a infraction of the rules after the fact. This league is run on the honor system. It is important that each player do his utmost to preserve the integrity of the game. Anything less would be unacceptable.

The Mystery Player

The mystery player is needed for the "Ghost" Team. Each player is picked  at random from the other team's scorecards,  and enter this player as the mystery player for each player on the "Ghost" Team.  This is more fair than playing against par or their averages since course conditions can effect how well people play. It could be a really rotten day for golf and everyone would have a tough time playing against their averages, but playing against another random player would be fair. The scorecards are picked from the other team's not playing the "Ghost" Team, in order beginning with the 'A' player, then the 'B' player and so on, until 4 scorecards have been picked to represent the "Ghost" Team. These scores are then used against the opponent of the "Ghost" Team for that week. 

When turning in your scorecards for your team, make sure it is signed and dated. You should have indicated your A, B, C, & D players on the card, then give it to the person at the front desk after your front 9. Also, it helps to have the last name of each player on the card, and an S by those players who were subbing that evening.                

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